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50 Years Bioscientia

We started in 1970 and we have grown steadily since then. This year we celebrate our 50th birthday. Read our anniversary brochure here soon, which summarizes developments and stories.

Bioscientia Milestones


March 1970

Founded by Boehringer Ingelheim, initially as a joint venture with Bioscience Labs, USA, for the qualified performance of medical laboratory tests.

July 1971
Move to the so-called "Blue Barracks". Although a corporation and not a freelance medical practice, the Bioscientia receives authorisation from the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and is allowed to participate in statutory health care.
Since 1974
Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Heicke becomes Medical Director, from 1978 additionally Managing Director.
May 1976
Relocation of the 60 employees to the new biochemistry facilities.
Relocation of the now approximately 200 employees to the new institute building on the Boehringer premises.

Accreditation as the first German laboratory by the "College of American Pathologists" (CAP).

Foundation of the laboratory for the Medical Laboratory Association Freiburg.
July 1990
Acquisition of the Dr. Klethmann laboratory in Moers.
Acquisition of the Dr. Jaeger laboratory in Jena.
Foundation of the Wermsdorf laboratory for the Medical Laboratory Association of Central Saxony.
July 1993 Foundation of the Fulda laboratory for the Medical Laboratory Association of Eastern Hessen.
October 1993 Acquisition of the Dr. Lorenz laboratory in Berlin.
January 1995 Boehringer Ingelheim divests Bioscientia. Prof. Heicke takes over the shares in a "management buy out".
December 1995 Foundation of the laboratory in Hamburg.
December 1995 Acquisition of the Munich laboratory Dr. Simkovic in Munich, move to Karlsfeld in 1996.
December 1996 Acquisition of the Mainzer laboratory Dr. Kapp.
February 1997 Foundation of the laboratory in Horstmar in cooperation with the Health care provider Horstmar GbR.
1998 Bioscientia and the Mining, Chemical and Energy Union (IG BCE) conclude a groundbreaking company collective agreement.
December 1999 Relocation of the 450 Ingelheim employees to the new building at Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 17.
February 2000 Investigations by the public prosecutor's office begin on suspicion of breaches of the rules of professional medical law. Five years later the investigations are discontinued without charges.
November 2004 PD Dr. med. Markus Nauck joins the management and becomes head physician of Bioscientia.
January 2007 Foundation of the laboratory at the Hans Susemihl Hospital in Emden.
July 2007 Foundation of the laboratory in the Klinikum am Winterberg, Saarbrücken, with support of the Medical Laboratory Association Völklingen.
September 2007 Sonic Healthcare takes over Bioscientia, which will become a valuable part of a worldwide laboratory group.
November 2007 Foundation of the laboratory in the Pirmasens Municipal Hospital.
July 2009

The former LG laboratory in Freiburg will become the MVZ location for medical specialists.

May 2012 Foundation of the laboratory of the Medical Laboratory Association Gotha.
December 2016 Move to the new premises in Ingelheim, which were built directly on the existing building in Konrad-Adenauer-Straße. Around 700 employees in laboratory and administration now work together again under one roof.
October 2017 Dr. med. Oliver Harzer succeeds Dr. Nauck as Managing Director, who died completely unexpectedly in February 2017.
January 2019

The Bioscientia Group will be merged with the Labdiagnostics Group, which also belongs to Sonic Healthcare, under the holding umbrella of Bioscientia Healthcare GmbH. This new group employs a good 2,500 people at 19 locations throughout Germany.